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via facebook am 24 juni 2013 an barak obama

Dear Barack Obama,

This way of making contact may seem odd but it is probably the only way you will be able to receive these lines for you to read, if you receive them at all. I’m writing them because I’ve had enough of hearing the distortions of people connected with politics and because I want to say to people like you that there are a lot of people out there who are fed up of these lies and distortions. I don’t expect a big change in politics since it is clear to me that real change in the world can only come from within, from me myself, from whichever of us it can. This isn’t bitterness but simply a sober analysis of things as they are; we have managed to create a system which is not run by those who work hard and honestly, those who turn the other cheek, who dedicate themselves to a sustainable environment, but rather we have managed to create a system in which the most unscrupulous, those who can best distort the truth and fleece others, those are the people who advance. This is what we call democracy and a free market economy. History has taught us that change doesn’t/can’t come from the top down (as far as politics is concerned). Our culture always follows a pattern: a few always manage to do well at the expense of many. It’s only the names/the catchwords of the forms of government that change (communism, capitalism, monarchy, dictatorship, …). It’s the same with religions (judaism, christianity, buddhism, …), they preach water and drink wine – it’s always the same. There is a reason why all (political) oppositions turn to a revolution and less to evolution and this reason was revealed to us a hundred years ago by quantum physics but I will not go further into this as anyone can find out for himself, with a little effort, if he so wishes. For this reason the world will only change when the person/each one of us himself changes, when he stops consuming like crazy, when he starts be aware when dealing with resources and with people. In politics, nothing will change, just as nothing changes now. This is clear to me and despite all that, I still write these lines to you, since the murmuring and the grovelling of all the “intellectuals” (politicians, military, economic gurus and so on) get on my nerves, as they try to give the impression that they are busy with today’s political themes. What do I mean by the murmuring of these days? It’s useless addressing the many topics which the media are filled with everyday. All the meaningless energy with which people roar at each other. But in order to give this child a name, let me mention one of the many pseudo-topics which is currently under useless discussion. In fact right now, politicians, agencies, the FBI, the CIA and all those out there who daily play at war are justifying their spying of the last years by claiming that this would be more effective against “crimes” like those that happened in the Boston marathon if even more data were collected and spying was done even more efficiently (when has war or repression ever changed anything?). As far as I know, 3 people died in the course of this “crime”. Why do I write “crime” in inverted commas? According to the most recent UNICEF report in 2012 – 40,000 people a day die of starvation, whilst money is being hidden in virtual accounts, whilst governments are playing at war with taxpayers’ money whilst allowing big business not to pay taxes. Countless other thousands die on the battle zones of this world whilst those who are doing well are busying themselves with 3 people who died during a marathon and aren’t thinking how can things come to such acts of desperation (planting bombs). What do we define as terror? What kinds of lies do we tell our children? Sometimes we get the feeling that all the mighty generals, politicians and secret agents cannot or will not add up since if we could take all the money and energy that we plough into research, weapons, data storage, data evaluation, maintenance and so on the we could give every man a house, a life without worry and suffering and there wouldn’t be any “terror”. Over the centuries Europe and the USA have exploited people in order to build for themselves not only a good life physically, but intellectually too (consciousness). Similarly one can deduce from history that consciousness needs free spaces and it is clear to more and more people that Asia, Africa, India and other entities have a right to these free spaces. Everyone wants peace, good times and love. All this is possible if we pull together and stop excluding each other. I’ve had enough of these war games, of these puffed up generals who run around like small children and plague the world with their fossilized thinking – why don’t you say this to these high and mighty people? We learn from history that suffering causes more suffering and good brings about more good. Even the soldiers of this world realise, after a war, that they have more in common with the soldiers they have been fighting than with those who sent them into battle. Will it always be like this, will we always want to use unknowing people, to steer them away from the truth with our stupid talk? Those who do this (take others for fools) don’t realise that they’re biting the hand that feeds them. Their awareness isn’t even enough to realise that you cannot buy happiness with money, that the really good things in life are free. Instead of sharing these realisations with the unaware and thus bringing about an evolution in humanity, a large proportion of people play at war and this not only on the battlefields of the world – people deceive themselves with cars, yachts, jewellery and so on – there are so many exciting things to do; we could, for example re-think our financial system, our school system, our health system (where, for example, we’ve made illness into a business) and so on. Europe and the USA could again take on a leading role (if that’s so important for some people) and transport these realisations to the people who aren’t aware of them and thereby save them from the hard road from industrialisation and capitalisation. Every large company or concern today grows on the suffering of many other people. The companies originated either a short time, or in the course of history, a long time ago from exploitation. Behind the “roar” and the “honest” work there always lay in truth exploitation, unscrupulousness and ignorance. History shows us that global powers, big business and dictators come and go. They were only concerned with war and a lot of suffering; but it’s not those who killed that remain in mankind’s memory but rather the intellectual revolutionaries (Plato, Socrates, Luther, Confucius, Laozi, Jesus, Buddha and many others) You are in a position where you can bring about a lot of change. Do this. Go down in history as a revolutionary. I don’t know whether it is weakness, lack of courage or whether you don’t want to see all this. Whatever it is, now you know that there are many people out there who have had enough of hearing these murmurs as they are called by the advisers, lobbyists, managers and others by your side. There are many people out there who think and talk about the way it is. Many people who go about their daily work gladly, who see the good in this world and who day by day, without looking up, without seeking attention, work to make this world better. Many people who have realised on the journey to awareness (what we call life) that we are the sea and not raindrops.

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